Pirates For Peace

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

6295-17.10 Radio Telestar Cliff Richard Songs" move it", " whole shaken going on", do you wanna dance" And" twenty flight rock" Sinpo 54444

6285-18.08 Radio KR1 Rock Music Including Pripset" red disease" And Id Jingle Sinpo 33333

6330-19.10 Unid Montell Jordan And Olive. Some Utility Qrm Sinpo 43233

6285-19.20 Little Feet Radio Testing Microphone Which Sounded Nice And Clear Here. The Nightcrawlers, Casey Weston And Shirley & Company Sinpo 43333

6220-19.30 Laser Hot Hits Violinski" clog dance" And Kool & The Gang Featuring Beverly Knight" steppin out" Sinpo 54444

5820-19.43 Radio 319 The Selector, Ralph McTell And Sailor Sinpo 34333

Monday, April 24, 2017

6220-17.10 Laser Hot Hits Lady Ga Ga" bad romance" And R & J Stone"we do it" Sinpo 54444

6305-17.20 Radio Montferland Olivia Newton John & John Travolta, James Blunt And Phil Collins Sinpo 44344

6285-17.30 Radio KR1 Id Jingles, The Stylistics, Dan Hartman And Kool And The Gang Sinpo 43333

6230-17.40 Radio Nova International Dexys Midnight Runners, The Rubettes, The Thompson Twins And Id Jingle" This Radio Nova International On 48 Meter Band" Sinpo 44344

Sunday, April 23, 2017

6210-8.05 Radio King SW Rock Music. Weak Signal Sinpo 32332

6230-8.15 Radio Nova International Oldies Including Paul Simon. Sinpo 34333

Friday, April 21, 2017

6230-17.00 Unid Relay Of Ron O' Quinn Rock N' Roll Program. Del Shannon" runaway" And Donny Fargo" funny face" Sinpo 54444

5820-17.10 Radio 319 With Recording Of Radio Caroline. Caravan, Pink Floyd, Fairport Convention And Kevin Ayers Sinpo 44333

6210-17.55 Radio Casanova I'd Jingles And Closed Down Sinpo 54444

6220-18.03 Laser Hot Hits Michael Cox, Player, The Seekers And Neil Diamond Sinpo 54444. Faded Out At 18.15.

Monday, April 17, 2017

6285-18.00 Radio Telestar Jerry Lee Lewis" whole lotto shakin" And The Hollywood Argles Sinpo 44344

5820-18.15 Radio 319 Fleetwood Mac" man of the world" And David Bowie" life on mars" Sinpo 43233

Sunday, April 16, 2017

6235-6.58 Radio Waves International Gerry Rafferty" baker street" And Country Music Sinpo 34333

6290-7.10 Radio Zomerson Golden Earring" twilight zone" And Close Down Sinpo 43333

6285-7.18 Radio Klavenboer(tent) Polka And Dutch Music Including De Harmonia Zusjes Sinpo 44333

6254-8.40 Radio Nova International Pacific Gas & Electric, Matt Monroe And The Shadows Sinpo 34333

6290-9.40 Radio Zwarte Panther Dutch/ Polka Music Sinpo 44344

6300-9.50 Radio Merlin International The Shadows. Duane Eddy And The Johnny Howard Band Sinpo 33333

6285-10.00 Little Feet Radio Encore, Modern Romance And The Pipkins Sinpo 33333

6262-18.14 Radio Telestar Plastic Bertrand, Percy Faith, Andre Brasseur And Boney M Sinpo 54444

6305-18.25 Radio Underground The Beatles, Status Quo, The Overlanders And Gerry & The Pacemakers Sinpo 44344

6254-18.35 Radio Nova International The Who, The People, ELO And Bob Dylan Sinpo 44344

6210-18.55 Little Feet Radio 10cc, Kim Carnes, Maywood And Kool & The Gang Sinpo 44344

6320-19.25  Radio Enterhaken( see comments) Gareth Gates" spirit in the sky" And Talking Weak Signal Sinpo 33222

6325-19.40 Radio Joey Earth & Fire, Leo Sayer, Neil Diamond And OMD Sinpo 44344

Saturday, April 15, 2017

6210-7.53 Radio King SW Bob Dylan Songs" chimes of freedom" And " I don't believe you" Sinpo 43333

6282-8.05 Unid Dutch Music Sinpo 33333

6254-8.20 Radio Nova International Oldies Including Bob Dylan And Dion Sinpo 44333

6300.8.40 Radio Merlin International Cher Lloyd And One Direction Sinpo 33333

5830-15.23 Radio Flying Dutchman Relaying KBC Radio. The Bee Gees And OMC Sinpo 43333

6254-15.40 Radio Nova International Repeat Of Yesterdays Program. Rainbow, Boy George And Ray Davies Sinpo 44344

6268-16.12 Rock Radio Network Canned Heat, Al Stewart And Fleetwood Mac Sinpo 44344

6423-17.10 Radio Studio 52 Dutch Music And Oldies Including John Fogarty Sinpo 34333

6300-17.30 Radio Merlin International David Carroll & his Orchestra, Ray Ellis & Orchestra And Blue Oyster Cult Sinpo 43333

6265-17.40 Radio Casanova Roy Orbison, Chicory Tip, Juice Newton And Dutch Music Sinpo 54444

6210-18.05 Radio Technical Man Polka Music, Boney M, Backstreet Boys And The Party Animals Sinpo 54444

6267-18.28 Mustang Radio Dutch/ Polka Music And Id's Sinpo 55444

6321-18.45 Radio WREC Music From Godsmack And Blink 182 Sinpo 33333

6290-19.00 Radio Mazda Dutch/ Polka Music. Bad Utility Qrm Sinpo 53443

Friday, April 14, 2017

6725-16.38 Radio Pioneer Polka Music Sinpo 43233

6254-16.53 Radio Nova International Boy George, Ray Davies  And The Cyrkle Sinpo 44344

6322-17.10 Unid Eddie Hodges, Little Eva And Pat Boone Sinpo 54444

6290-17.20 Radio Klabautermann Queen And German Music Sinpo 34333

6300-17.30 Radio Merlin International Jackie Frost With Music Dj Jazzy & The Fresh Prince, Oasis And Hot Chocolate Sinpo 43333

6282-17.50 Radio Zomerzon Scorpions, The Animals And Led Zeppelin Sinpo 44333

6305-18.03 Radio Rona Lisa Polka Music, Mario Mathy And Closing Down Sinpo 33333

5820-18.13 Radio 319 Stevie Wonder, Blur And Matthew Wilder Sinpo 43433

6260-18.25 Radio Casanova Nena" 99 luft ballons" Ana Peter Kent" real good feeling" Sinpo 54444

5830-18.45 Radio Flying Dutchman The Rolling Stones, Bryan Adams, The Doobie Brothers And Bruce Springsteen Sinpo 54444

Thursday, April 13, 2017

6285-16.20 Radio KR1 Oldies Including Kool And The Gang" Joanna" Sinpo 34333

6254-16.35 Radio Nova International City Boy, ELO, Village People And Shocking Blue. I'd Jingles Suggest Maybe Old Recordings Sinpo 44344

6220-17.43 Laser Hot Hits Live Program. Paul Stewart With Music From Gerry Rafferty, Roxy Music, Princess And Reception Reports Sinpo 54444

6295-17.58 Mike Radio I'd Jingles, Airport, Golden Earring And The Beach Boys Sinpo 54444

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

6210-14.00 Laser Hot Hits Ian Lawrence With Music From Martin Jensen, Calvin Harris. Pet Shop Boys, U2 And Belinda Carlisle Sinpo 43444

6325-17.43 Radio Python The Pointer Sisters, Darryl- Ann And Kino Sinpo 44344. Sadley Another Strong Dutch Station Come On Same Frequency

6300-18.45 Radio Merlin International Oldies Including Boomtown Rats" rat trap" Sinpo 33333

Sunday, April 9, 2017

6210-7.12 Radio King SW Rock Music Including Burial Hex And Ladytron Sinpo 33333

7490-8.10 Radio Thunderbird Roy Orbison" its over" And Tommy James & The Shondells" mony mony" Sinpo 33333

Saturday, April 8, 2017

6268-15.45 Rock Radio Network Ace, Kraftwork, John Lennon And The Turtles Sinpo 44344

5820-16.40 Radio 319 ELO, Jefferson Airplane, OMD, Sailor And Id Jingles Sinpo 44343

6326-17.05 Unid Dance And Rap Music Including Rednex And Warren G Sinpo 43444

6295-17.18 Mike Radio Smokey Robinson, Elvis Presley, Deep Purple, Middle Of The Road And Dr Hook Sinpo 54444

6285-17.50 Radio Johnny Tobacco Edvard Persson, The Spotnicks, Alma Colgan And Gerry Rafferty Sinpo 54444

6326-18.06 Radio Technical Man Paul Simon, The Pretenders And Redbox Sinpo 54444

6290-18.23 Unid Toto" africa", Men At Work" down under" And Foreigner" i want to know what love is" Sinpo 34333

6220-18.40 Laser Hot Hits Pop And Dance Music Including Nitro Deluxe And Madonna Sinpo 54444

6301-18.53 Radio 102 Polka/ Dutch Mix Sinpo 33333

6282-19.02 Radio Johnny Tobacco Dutch Songs Sinpo 54444

6210-19.12 Unid Music From Andre Hazes, Splash From 6205 Sinpo 42333

6205-19.25 Radio Technical Man The Eurythmics" thorn in my side" And Boney M" rasputin" Sinpo 54444

5820-19.35 Radio 319 Pan Pipes Music And  Polka Music Sinpo 43333

5890-19.55 Radio Batavia Id Jingles, Manhattan Transfer And BZN Sinpo 44334

Friday, April 7, 2017

6325-16.40 Unid Instrumental And Dutch Music Sinpo 54444

6725-17.25 Radio Pioneer Dutch Music And Oldies Including The Pet Shop Boys And Nena Sinpo 43333

6290-17.50 Radio Ronnie Am( tent) Very Weak Signal. Music Heard Briefly Sinpo 33222

6267-18.45 Mustang Radio Chicago, Nena, Helene Ficher, New Radicals, Kim Wilde, Deep Purple And Id Jingles Sinpo 54444

5890-19.55 Radio Batavia Michael Sardou, The Dolly Dots And Cliff Richard Sinpo 44333

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Easter pirate hunt coming

Dear Sirs !

I would like to point out to your attention: There is going to be a global pirate radio hunting competition during Easter ! For  more details, please, see the attachment file. The hunt is arranged by a local radio club in Central Finland. Everybody from around the world is welcome to participate and will get a diploma for doing so.

Please, put an announcement of this event on your internet page, which everybody in this hobby is reading. The shortest way to do this is to refer to the link in the attachment: http://bbs.fmdx.tk/index.php?topic=436.0 . That is the internet page of the organizers. The simple rules of the competition can be read there too.

It may also be possible for you to take part in this event in some other way. Please, for example pass on  this info to as many other pirate freaks as you can possibly imagine J

Greetings ! Jouni, Helsinki, Finland (Beta_JBK, www.betajbk.com)

Sunday, April 2, 2017

6320-.1742 Unid Country Music Including Linda Welby And Lee Rocker Sinpo 54444

6305-18.00 Radio Merlin International The Clash" i fought the law" And The Sex Pistols" god save the queen". Lots Of Fading Sinpo 33333

Saturday, April 1, 2017

6255-17.40 Radio Casanova Bryan Adams, Kiss, John Fogarty And Demis Roussos Sinpo 44344

6281-1755 Radio Boomerang Testing Kim Wilde, Kylie Minogue, Moved To 6283,  The Hollies Sinpo 54444

5820-18.10 Radio 319 Cinderella, The Chainsmokers And Arthur Brown Sinpo 43333

6305-18.20 Free Radio Victoria Racey, David Dundas, Paper Lace And Boston Sinpo 43433

6267-18.40 Mustang Radio Whitesnake, Kid Rock And Reo Speedwagon Sinpo 55444

6295-18.50 Voice Of World Radio  Lionel Richie" you are" And Simple Minds" don't you forget about me" Sinpo 44433

6210-19.15 Unid German Talk, Inner City" big fun" And Commodores" goin' to the back"

6325-19.28 Radio Paardenkracht Dutch Music Sinpo 54444

6260-19.57 Radio Flying Dutchman Koto, Falco, Guns And Roses And Prince Sinpo 54444

6305-20.15 Free Radio Victoria Edison Lighthouse, Slade And Golden Earring Sinpo 43433

5820-20.30 Radio 319 John Legend" all of me" And Bardalimov" the path to home" Sinpo 43333

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

6220-17.05 Laser Hot Hits Ian Lawrence with Music From H2o, Oasis And Kings Of Leon Sinpo 54444

6300-17.50 Little Feet Radio Celebrating 3 Years On SW. Freda, The Rembrandts And The Beach Boys Sinpo 44333. Improved  To Sinpo 44344 At 18.20

6220-18.28 Laser Hot Hits The Rah Band" the crunch" And M" pop music" Sinpo 54444

6285-18.40 Unid Radio Recordings. Talking About Radio Luxembourg And BBC Radio Sinpo 54444

6300-19.05 Little Feet Radio Closing Down And Little Feet" long distance love" Sinpo 43333

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

6210--16.25 Radio Merlin International The Beach Boys, The Ramrods, Sammy Turner And Johnny & The Hurricanes Sinpo 43333

6320-17.15 Radio Black Bandit( tent) Bonnie Lou" tennessee wig walk" And Patti Page" how much is the doggie in the window" Sinpo 54444

6265-18.05 Radio Casanova Glen Campbell, Diesel, Juice Newton And Dutch Music Sinpo 54444

6220-18.15 Laser Hot Hits Paul Stewart With Live Program. Peter Gabriel, Thompson Twins, Vesta Williams And Quincy Jones. Mentioned  The Excellent MW Free Radio Blog  https://mwfreeradio.blogspot.com/. Sinpo 54444

6210-18.45 Radio Merlin International Alice Cooper" schools out" And Supertramp" take the long way home" Sinpo 44333

Monday, March 27, 2017

6330-17.08 Radio Black Bandit Dutch/Polka Music, Nancy Griffith" from a distance" And Barry Gibb/ Barbra Streisand" guilty" Sinpo 54444

1617-19.35 Unid Oldies Including Peter Gabriel And Cher Sinpo 43333

1629-19.45 Radio Bluebird Dutch/ Polka Miz Sinpo 44333

1645-19.55 Oldtimer Radio Ids And Dutch Music Sinpo 33433

1635-20.10 Radio Ruisbreker Instrumental/ Polka Music Sinpo 33333

Sunday, March 26, 2017

6235-7.25 Radio Waves International country Music And I'd Jingles Sinpo 34333

6240-8.15 Radio Casanova Dutch Music And Oldies Including UB40 Sinpo 44344

Saturday, March 25, 2017

6295-16.35 Radio Tower Dutch Music, Bachman Turner Overdrive And Johnny Wakelin Sinpo 54444

6305-16.52 Radio Merlin International Thunder, Chumbawamba And Keith West Sinpo 43333

6320-17.55 Radio Johnny Tobacco Gerry Rafferty, Al Stewart And Buddy Guy Sinpo 54444

6285-18.12 Radio Akenzo(tent) Guns And Roses, Ugly Joe Kid And London Beat Sinpo 54444

6257-18.50 Unid Jimi Hendrix And The Moody Blues Sinpo 54444

6235-19.03 Radio Waves International French Songs, Id Jingles And Country Music Sinpo 43233

5820-19.25 Unid Yvonne Elliman" love me" And The Rubettes" tonight" Sinpo 34333

6285-19.35 Radio Akenzo Pussycat" teenage queen" And Dj Bobo"love is all round" Sinpo 54444

6295-19.50 Radio Tower Polka And Dutch Music Sinpo 54444

Friday, March 24, 2017

6725-17.10 Radio Pioneer Oldies Including Fleetwood Mac" everywhere" And The Eagles" last resort" Occasional Fading Sinpo 34333

6290-17.53 Radio Casanova Dutch, Polka, Country Music And Oldies Including The Searchers, Mungo Jerry And Juice Newton Sinpo 44344

Monday, March 20, 2017

6305-17.05 Radio Merlin International The Foundations, The Kinks And Overlanders Sinpo 43333

6300-19.07 Radio Merlin International Rock N Roll Music Including Johnny & The Hurricanes, Bill Haley & The Comets, Little Eva And Frankie Lyman & The Teenagers . Sinpo 34333

5820-19.25 Unid Oldies Including Sparks And The Cranberries Sinpo 43333. Id jingle Too Quick To Catch Name.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

6235-7.00 Radio Waves International
Country Music And Ids Sinpo 33433

6210-7.20 Radio King SW Rock Music Ssb Qrm Sinpo 32332. In The Clear At 7.40 Men At Work" down under" Sinpo 33333

6292-8.10 Radio Zomerson Dutch Music And Ids Sinpo 44333

6325-8.20 Unid Dutch Music Sinpo 54444

6305-8.33 Radio Merlin International( tent) Golden Earring Songs Including" radar love" And " she flies on strange wings" Sinpo 43333

6285-8.45 Misti Radio Irish Country Music Including  Brian Coll, Mick Flavin And Seamus McGee Sinpo 33333

6240-9.00 Radio Casanova Dutch Music. Moved To 6250 At 9.07 Sinpo 54444

6260-9.40 Radio Ac/ Dc(tent) Teach In And Earth & Fire Sinpo 33333

6380-9.50 Misti Radio 10cc, The Shirelles And Mungo Jerry Sinpo 33333

6260-10.00 Radio Ac/Dc Toto" hold the line", Abba" dancing queen" And Ac/Dc" high voltage" Sinpo 43333

6190-10.30 Mike Radio Nena" Anyplace, anything, anytime". Sinpo 54444

6220-10.40 Laser Hot Hits The O' Jays, Natalie Imbruglia, Elvis Costello And Lionel Richie Sinpo 54444

5890-15.15 Radio Batavia The Shadows, Fifth Dimension And The New Seekers Sinpo 43333

6240-15.30 Radio Flying Dutchman Europop, Instrumental And Dutch Music Including Silver Pozzoli And The Spotnicks Sinpo 44344

6305-15.50 Radio Merlin International Rock Music Including Manfred Mann's Earthband" davys on the road again" Sinpo 34333

6220-16.10 Laser Hot Hits Martin Scott With Music From Bronski Beat" small town Boy" And Sophie Ellis- Baxter" take me home" Sinpo 54444

6260-16.27 Phoenix Radio Al Stewart, Sniff N' Tears And CCR. Audio Sounding Rough Sinpo 44443

6268-16.45 Rock Radio Network The Scorpions, Saxon And Witchfynde Sinpo 44344

6290-16.55 Unid Music Heard Briefing Before Fading Out Sinpo 33222

6297-17.07 Unid Dutch Music And CCR. Sinpo 55444

6205-18.03 Radio Borderhunter Willie Nelson" angels flying close to the ground". Closing Down Sinpo 54444

5820-18.16 Unid Ike And Tina Turner. Also Guys & Dolls, Hot Chocolate And Some Fading Sinpo 444333

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Dutch MW Station Raided.

Bad news to report from the Netherlands. Radio Zonnester, a Sunday regular on 1620 kHz, was broadcasting on Friday morning and received a visit from officers of the Agentschap Telecom at around 0800.

The authorities were searching in the area for an FM pirate but were listening to MW at the same time. When Zonnester came up on the band, they took action to remove the station from the air.

Full Story https://mwfreeradio.blogspot.com/

Saturday, March 18, 2017

9510-9.10 Radio City German Oldies Sinpo 54444

6210-9.25 Radio King SW Rock Music including Edwin Collins And Earth & Fire Sinpo 33333

6290-9.45 Unid Dutch Music Sinpo 33333

6305-9.55 Radio Zomerson Ids And Dutch Folk/ Yodelling Music Sinpo 43333

6280-10.35 Radio Merlin International Johnny And The Hurricanes. Also The Ventures And Ray Peterson Sinpo 34333

6220-14.40 Laser Hot Hits The Temptions, Queen And Genesis Sinpo 54444. Faded Out Completely By 15.30.

6285-14.50 Radio Akenzo Guns And Roses" knocking on heavens door" And Roxette" joyride" Sinpo 44344

6254-15.35 Rock Radio Network Carbon Kevlar. Jefferson Starship, Heart And Bob Dylan Sinpo 44344

6330-17.15 Radio Black Bandit Dutch Music Including Bzn And Jan Keizer & Any Schilder Sinpo 54444

6285-17.25 Radio Akenzo The Hollies, The Rolling Stones And Dave Garrick Sinpo 44344

Friday, March 17, 2017

1620-6.15 Radio Zonnester Dutch Folk Music Sinpo 43333
Relays This Weekend
Hamurger Lokal Radio via Shortwave Station Göhren, Germany with 1KW to Western Europe:
6190 KHz     Every Saturday      07.00 to 11.00 UTC
7265 KHz     Every Saturday      11.00 to 16.00 UTC    
9485 KHz     Every Sunday        10.00 to 13.00 UTC     
Next scheduled transmissions from Radio City:
Friday March 17th at 19 - 20 UTC via IRRS on 7290 kHz,
repeated Saturday March 18th at 09 - 10 UTC via IRRS on 9510 kHz.
Older programmes may be repeated at random other Saturdays.
Older programmes may also be transmitted by Challenger Radio in Italy on 1368, 846 & 567 kHz
Saturdays at 00 UTC and Saturdays at 20.30 UTC (two different slots)
There will be a different programme via Hamburger Lokalradio Saturday March 25th at 13 - 14 UTC on 7265 kHz.
After that, during the period of daylight shifting time transmissions will be one hour earlier in UTC schedules.
Our contact address remains   citymorecars@yahoo.ca
European Music Radio Transmissions via;
WBCQ to Central & North America on5130 KHz on 18th March between 23.00 to 00.00 UTC
Shortwave Station Göhren on 9485 KHz on 19th March between 09.00 to 10.00 UTC
Channel 292 on 6070 KHz on 19th March between 16.00 to 17.00 UTC
Contact email:emrshortwave@gmail.com
Internet Repeats on 19th March 2017:
EMR will repeat this months Transmissions via two streams running at the following Times:16.00, 18.00, 20.00 UTC
http://nednl.net:8000/emr.m3u will be on 96 kbps /44 KHz stereo for normal listening
http://nednl.net:8000/emr24.m3u will be 24 kbps / 22 KHz mono will be especially for low bandwidth like mobile phones.
KBC via:
Media Broadcast to America on 6145KHz Every Sunday between 00.00 to 01.00
Contact email:themightykbc@gmail.com 
Hobart Radio via:
Channel 292 to Western Europe on 6070 KHz Saturdays fortnightly between 09.00 to 09.30 UTC.
WRMI to Americas, Asia/Pacific on 9955 KHz Sunday between 04.30 to 05.00 UTC
WRMI to Americas, Asia/Pacific on 9955 KHz Tuesday between 23.30 to 00.00 UTC
WBCQ to North America on 5130 KHz Mondays 04.30 to 05.00 UTC
Contact email: hriradio@gmail.com
For outside the listening area please try the Twente/Netherlands Web RX at http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/
You can also hear many European free and alternative stations via the Internet at: http://laut.fm/jukebox 
Radio Channel 292  Transmission schedules on 6070 KHz (on the air every day):
Radio Mi Amigo Transmission schedules:
Good Listening!


Sunday, March 12, 2017

6235-7.35 Radio waves International Country Music And Ids Sinpo 33333

6210-8.00 Radio King SW Rock Music Weak Signal Sinpo 33322

6450-8.55 Radio Readymix Talking And Dance Music Sinpo 33333

6950-9.15 Radio Enterprise Ac/ Dc, Dio And Guns And Roses Sinpo 33433

6200-9.25 Radio Borderhunter Dance And Dutch Music Sinpo 54444

6292-10.00 Radio Scotland International America" horse with no name" And Dance Music. Closing Down Sinpo 44344

6220-16.03 Laser Hot Hits Martin Scott Talking About The Death Of Jona Sledge And Music From Arrested Development And Sister Sledge. Live Program Sinpo 44344

6254-16.15 Rock Radio Network Atlantic Rhythm Section And Earth & Fire Sinpo 43444

6285-17.05 Unid Dutch/Polka Mix Including Frankie Yankovic And His Yanks. Heard  Later On 6287 Sinpo 54444

6265-17.15 Radio Mexico Polka Music Sinpo 43333

6320-18.58 Unid Dance Music Sinpo 44344

Saturday, March 11, 2017

6220-15.25 Laser Hot Hits Paul Stewart With Music From Alison Moyet, Bee Gees And Tasmin Archer Sinpo 44344

6254-15.35 Rock Radio Network(tent) Rock Music Including Arthur Brown" i put a spell on you" Sinpo 44344

6265-15.45 Radio Mexico Peter Maffay, The Weather Girls And Danny Wilson Sinpo 43333

6285-16.00 Radio Zwarte Panther Dutch Music And John Leyton" johnny remember me" Sinpo 43444

6300-16.12 Radio De Kat Instrumental Rock N' Roll Music Including Fats Domino, Bill Haley & The Comets, Chuck Berry, Richie Valens And The Champs Sinpo 33433

6305-17.20 Unid Roy Orbison, 2 Unlimited And Roots Syndicate Sinpo 44344

6375-17.30 Time Radio Dire Straits" sultans of swing" Faded Out A Couple Minutes Later Sinpo 33333

Thursday, March 9, 2017

1629-20.15 Radio Digital(tent) Dutch Music Weak Signal Sinpo 33322

1650-20.25 Unid Instrumental Music And Long Talks. Weak Signal Sinpo 32332

1625-20.35 Unid Dutch Music Sinpo 34333

1621-20.45 Unid Dutch Music. Co-Channel Whistle From Weaker Station Underneath It. Sinpo 42333

1636-20.55 Radio Dolfijn Dutch Music Sinpo 33333

Monday, March 6, 2017

6285-16.25 Radio Zwarte Panther  Dutch Music And Oldies Including The Rubettes" sugar baby love"  And Mud" tiger feet" And " dynamite" Sinpo 44433

Saturday, March 4, 2017

6265-16.10 Radio Mexico Dutch Music Including Santiano" johnny boy" Sinpo 43233. Some Co-Channel Whistle From 6268

6268-16.20 Rock Radio Network Rock Music Including Vanderhoof" take to the sky" Sinpo 44343

6320-16.40 Radio Joey Dance Music And Talking In Dutch Sinpo 43333

6295-17.20 Unid Instrumental, Russian And Swedish Music. Moved To 6300 Sinpo 54433

6265-17.40 Radio Mexico Polka/Dutch Music. Some Fading, But In The Clear Sinpo 43333

6320-19.00 Radio Joey Ten Years After, Nancy Sinatra, Id jingle And Mama's And Papa's Sinpo 44333

Monday, February 27, 2017

New Radio Merlin International Webstream


Sunday, February 26, 2017

6305-7.50 Radio Marabu Rock Music Including Bob Dylan Sinpo 54444

6280-8.10 Radio Merlin International Rock Music Including Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers And Nice Sinpo 43333

6295-8.23 Radio Deltracks Al Stewart, M, Fleetwood Mac And Buddy Holly Sinpo 34333

6210-8.40 Radio King SW Rock Music including 2 Songs From Viola Beach Sinpo 33333

6235-8.50 Radio Waves International French Song's And Ids Sinpo 33333

6226-9.35 Radio Thunderbird German Talk, I'd Jingles And Rock Music Sinpo 33333

Saturday, February 25, 2017

6235-9.00 Sluwe Vos Radio French Song And I'd Jingles. Closing Down Sinpo 44344

6210-9.10  Radio King SW Rock Music Including Uriah Heep Sinpo 33333

6305-9.20 Radio Marabu  Status Quo, Trio And Glen Frey Sinpo 44344

6850-9.30 Unid Instrumental Music And I'd Jingles. Too Weak To Hear Name Sinpo 32333

6280-9.40 Radio Merlin International The Rolling Stones And The Eagles Sinpo 43333.

6284-16.07 Radio Joey 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor, New Edition And Mr Jack Sinpo 44344

6423-16.25 Radio Studio 52 French And Dutch Music Sinpo 33433

6305-16.35 Radio Marabu Rock Music Including Get Well Soon And Johnny Flynn Sinpo 44344

6268-16.50 Rock Radio Network( see comments) Fastway, The Stranglers And Lacuna Coil Sinpo 44344

5820-17.10 Radio 319 Ike & Tina Turner, Bzn And The Doors Sinpo 34333

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Variable Conditions This Morning. Stations Coming In And Fading Out.

1620-6.55 Unid Dutch/ Polka Music. Weak Signal Sinpo 33232

6295-8.10 Radio Deltracks Elvis Presley, Nits, Demis Roussos And Dusty Springfield Sinpo 34333

5820-9.25 Mike Radio Procal Harem, Graham Nash And Queen Sinpo 43444

6305-9.35 Radio Merlin International The Cars" best friend's girlfriend" And Men At Work" down under" Sinpo 43333.

6280-14.40 8 Radio Via Relay Blonde, Mike Efex And The Animals Sinpo 44344

5800-15.00 Laser Hot Hits Paul Stewart With Music From Dave Dee & Doxy & Beaky & Mick & Tich" bend it" And Koto" dragons legend" Sinpo 44344

6320-16.15 Little Feet Radio john Fogarty, France Gall, The Beach Boys And The Rolling Stones Sinpo 44344

6305-16.30 Radio Underground Steve Talking About MW, The Hollies" bus stop" And Klf Feat. Tammy Wynette" justified and ancient"  Sinpo 43444

6210-16.55 Sluwe Vos Radio Id Jingles, M & H Band, Herman Blood & His Wild Romance And Michail Muromov Sinpo 54444

Saturday, February 18, 2017

6310-15.32 Radio Mexico Polka Music Sinpo 43333

6265-15.20 Radio Zwarte Panther Dutch Music Sinpo 43444

5800-15.40 Laser Hot Hits Corie With Music From Disturbed, The Doves And Everything But The Girl Sinpo 44344

6305-16.05 Radio Merlin International Gary Newman, The Clash, The Sex Pistols And The Jam Sinpo 33433

Thursday, February 16, 2017

1629-15.20 Unid Dutch Music. Occasional Fair Peaks Sinpo 33333

Sunday, February 12, 2017

6325-8.00 Radio Parrdenkracht Oldies Including The Cascades. Sinpo 44344

6210-8.15 Radio King SW( tent) Dusty Springfield And Al Stewart. Strong Carrier Came On For About 10 Minutes Sinpo 33433

6295-8.45 Radio Deltracks Kincade, Elvis Presley, Nits And I'd Jingle Sinpo 44333

6375-9.05 Unid Instrumental/ Polka Mix Sinpo 33233

6330-9.10 Radio Zodiac Police, Eurythmics And Ice house Sinpo 43443

6250-9.20 Radio Casanova Dutch And Country Music Including Johnny Cash" I thing called love" Sinpo 44344

6210-9.30 Radio King SW Oldies And I'd Jingles Sinpo 33333

6235-9.40 Radio Waves International Country Music. Weak Signal Sinpo 33233

6262-9.55( Usb) Misti Radio Easy Listening, Dutch/Polka Music Sinpo 33333

6305-10.15 Radio Merlin International Gerry Rafferty, The Proclaimers And The Pogues. Talking About The Live Web Stream Closing Down Sinpo 43333

Saturday, February 11, 2017

1620-6.43 Unid The Cats And Dutch Music Sinpo 43433

1638-6.55 Unid Dutch Music Sinpo 34333

6210-8.58 Radio King SW Genesis, Generation X, Blood Sweat & Tears And I'd Jingle Sinpo 43333

6305-9.20 Radio Merlin International Jackie Frost With Music From Savage Garden, The Beatles, 10cc And Cliff Richard Sinpo 34333

6250-9.53 Radio Casablanca Dutch Songs Including Frank Hawk Sinpo 43444

1626-21.15 Radio Baroness Rolling Stones Songs Including " jumping jack flash" And Id's Sinpo 44344

1648-21.30 Radio Moby Dick Dutch Songs And Talking Sinpo 43333

1655-21.43 Radio Relmus Oldies And Country Music Including Mark Knopfler Sinpo 43333

1636-21.55 Radio Kaizen En Keizerin Dutch Songs And The Hollies Sinpo 33433

Friday, February 10, 2017

Atlantic 2000 will be on the air this weekend:

- Saturday 11th of February, from 0900 to 1000 UTC on 6070 kHz via Channel 292
- Sunday 12th of February, from 1000 to 1100 UTC on 6005 and 7310 kHz via Shortwave Service
+ streaming at the same time on our website: http://radioatlantic2000.free.fr

Good listening!


Monday, February 6, 2017

16.65-21.20 Radio B4 Instrumental Music Sinpo 44433

1647-21.30 Radio Armada Dutch Music, Ids And Closed Down Sinpo 43333

1611--21.40 Radio Batavia ELO, Tina Turner And The Cure Sinpo 34333

1635-21.50 Radio Ruisbreker. Too Weak To Id Music Heard Sinpo 33222

1650-22.45 Radio Wilskracht(see comments) Dutch Music. Signal Fading Up And Down Sinpo 43333

Saturday, February 4, 2017

1645-7.00 Radio Casablanca Easy Listening And Dutch Music Including Dennie Damaro Sinpo 44333

1620-7.15 Radio Rode Rover( tent) Dutch Music And Talking Sinpo 43433

1667-7.30 Radio Digital Dutch/Polka Music Sinpo 34333

Friday, February 3, 2017

FRS Holland News

Dear FRS Friend,

At long last we have added a new article/ menu item to the FRS site: QSLs Listeners.
It shows a (small) overview of QSLs we forwarded since our start in 1980 to you, the listener.
Thanks to a number of listeners, we scanned one or more QSLs from their personal FRS
collection and made those scans available on the site.
If you have one or several FRS QSL cards, we would appreciate scanning one or a few and
sending it to [frs@frsholland.nl].

In addition: personal stories/memories relating FRSH are also highly appreciated. Recently we added a contribution from Albert Ford.
See http://www.frsholland.nl/memories.html .
The new QSLs Listeners article can be found via our Image Gallery in the main menu on top of the site
http://www.frsholland.nl/frs-image-gallery/qsl-gallery/qsls-listeners.html .
In addition you also have access via the Listeners' menu: http://www.frsholland.nl/qsls-listeners.html .

Have a good weekend!

73s  Peter V. on behalf of the FRS crew

Thursday, February 2, 2017

1635-5.15 Radio Bluebird Dutch, Polka, Instrumental And Pop Music Including Joan Jet And The Blackheads" I love rock n' roll" Sinpo 44434

Monday, January 30, 2017

E-Qsl From Bogusman And The Ghoul

                            Many Thanks For The Nice Bogusman & The Ghoul E-Qsl

Sunday, January 29, 2017

6285-14.10 The Ghoul Chat And Music Including Mashina And Thomas Dolby Sinpo 44344

6200-14.23 Radio Technical Man Dance Music Including C J Lewis" Sweets for my sweets" And Magic Affair"give me all your love" Sinpo 54444

6300-14.45 Unid ELO Songs Including " strange magic", " livin thing" And " slow hand" Sinpo 44344

6233-14.58 Radio Python Steely Dan, Future House, Martha & The Muffins And The Editors Sinpo 43444

6255-15.15 Radio Underground Dance, Jazz, Country, Pop Music Including Lee Morgan And The Dixie Chicks Sinpo 44344

6285-15.30 Bogusman Alternative Music And Chat Including Jonathan Richmond" road runner" Sinpo 54444

6320-15.45 Time Radio Dire Straits, U2, Jacques Brel And The Red Hot Chili Peppers Sinpo 43333

6210-15.58 Radio Sluwe Vos M & H Band"popcorn" And Pupo" chissa se domani Sinpo 44344

6200-16.20 Technical Man Dance Music And Closing Down Sinpo 53444. Some Splash From BBC On 6195

Saturday, January 28, 2017

1620-6.20 Radio Draaggolf Dutch Music And Ids Sinpo 44333

6265-9.25 Radio Casanova Dutch/Polka Mix And John Denver"country roads" Sinpo 44344

6210-9.35 Radio King Sw Rock Music Including House Of Lords Sinpo 33333

6305-9.45 Radio Merlin International Swing Out Sister, The Beatles, The Carpenters And PHD Sinpo 43333

6295-9.57 Radio Deltracks The Eagles, ELO(2 songs) And The Stone Roses Sinpo 34333

Sunday, January 22, 2017

1611-6.57 Unid Pop Music Including Heavy Papi Sinpo 44333

1638-7.08 Radio Armada I'd Jingle, Modern Talking And Closed Down Sinpo 44344

6295-9.20 Radio Deltracks Laura Jansen" single girls" And Supertramp" fool's overture" Sinpo 43333

6305-9.32 Mike Radio Mike Oldfield" tubular bells" and Robbie Williams" angles" Sinpo 54444

6235-9.45 Radio Waves International French Songs Including Celine Dion Sinpo 33333

6210-9.55 Radio King Sw Bronski Beat( 2 songs) And The Pretenders Sinpo 33333

6325-10.10 Radio Night Pirate Instrumental Music Sinpo 33233

6300-10.30 Radio Waldmeister Simple Minds" sanctify yourself" And The Buggles" video killed the radio star" Sinpo 34333

6285-10.42 Radio Rainbow International Simple Minds, Narazath And Peter Frampton Sinpo 43443

6285-12.20 Bogusman Indie Music And Chat Including Flamin Grovies And The House Of Love Sinpo 54444

6295-14.12 Radio Telestar Dutch, Instrumental Music And The Roaring 60's" we love the pirates" Sinpo 54444

6330-14.25 Radio Joey Dance Music Sinpo 43444

6232-14.35 Radio Digital Dance Music Sinpo 43333

6305-14.42 Mike Radio Rod Stewart, The Kinks, Don McLean And Carly Simon Sinpo 54444

6423-15.05 Radio Lowland( tent) U2" desire", Dutch Track And Closed Down. Utility Qrm Sinpo 42333

6285-15.25 Bogusman Slowdive And Julian Cope" disaster" Sinpo 54444

Saturday, January 21, 2017

6390-9.28 Unid Sweet, Jain, Al Stewart And Fleetwood Mac .I'd Jingle To Quick To Name Station Sinpo 34333

6210-9.55 Radio King SW I'd Jingle, Slade, Scorpions And Rush Sinpo 33333

6290-14.23 Radio Telestar Kraftwork"radioactivity" Sinpo 54444

6305-14.45 Radio Underground Oldies, Dutch And Pop Music Including Little Boots" hearts collide" Sinpo 54444

6280-15.00 Unid Oldies Including Fleetwood Mac And Katie Melua Sinpo 43333

6380-15.11 Unid Katie Ryan , Sophie Ellis- Bextor And Closed Down Sinpo 33433

6290-15.15 Free Radio Victoria Dutch Music Including BB Band Sinpo 44333

6325-15.25 Little Feet Radio Wizard, Dave Edmonds And Robert Palmer Sinpo 44344

Sunday, January 15, 2017

1611-6.55 Unid Dutch/Polka Music Sinpo 44333

16.30-7.05 Unid Dutch Music Sinpo 43333

16.38-7.15 Unid Dutch Music. Co-Channel Whistle Sinpo 42433

1620-7.28 Unid Polka Music. Talk In Dutch And Closed Down Sinpo 34343

6330-8.35 Radio Blacklake. Golden Earring, Guns And Roses And Ozzy Osbourne Sinpo 34333

6210-8.45 Radio King SW Rock Music Including The Killers" on top" Sinpo 33333

6225-9.25 Radio Casanova Dutch Music And Demis Roussos. Thanking Everyone For Listening Sinpo 43444

9485-9.43 EMR Tony Currie With Reception Reports, The Beatles And Nordik Fire Sinpo 44344

Radio Marconi International

Please be advised that  Marconi Radio International will be on the todaySunday, 15 January 2017, from 1315 to 1615 UTC on 7700 kHz USB Mode.
Reception reports with audio clips (mp3-file) are welcome and confirmed by QSL verification. Some lucky listeners will ALSO receive our printed QSL card, so don't forget to include your postal address. E-mail: marconiradiointernational (at) gmail.com
Last but not least, we need your help! If you are a DX blogger, or use social networks, please post an announcement on your own  blog and/or Facebook or send out a tweet. You can also forward this message to a friend. 
This should help increase our potential audience.
We hope to hear from a lot of shortwave listeners about our transmissions.
Best 73's
Marconi Radio International (MRI) 
Marconi Radio International (MRI) sarà di nuovo in onda oggi domenica, 15 Gennaio 2017, dalle 1315 alle 1615 UTC, su 7700 kHz (USB). 
Per i vostri rapporti di ricezione scrivete a: marconiradiointernational (at) gmail.com La QSL elettronica è garantita a tutti, mentre la cartolina stampata solo ad alcuni fortunati ascoltatori. Non dimenticate quindi di includere anche il vostro indirizzo postale.
Vi chiediamo infine, qualora abbiate un vostro blog dedicato al radioascolto od un profilo su Facebook o altro social network, di pubblicare un annuncio
sulle nostre trasmissioni. In alternativa potreste inoltrare il presente messaggio ad un amico.
Cordiali saluti
Marconi Radio International (MRI)
• Privacy • Unsubscribe •

Saturday, January 14, 2017

6290-13.00 Radio Tower Dutch Music, Bananarama, CCR And OMD. Sinpo 44344. Also Heard At 15.30 Sinpo 54444

6320-15.55 Radio Joey Robert Miles" children", Hollies"long cool woman" And ELO" don't bring me down" Sinpo 43444

6330-16.20 Unid Easy Listening Music Including Sade" love is king" And Warren Hill" turn out the lights" Sinpo 33333

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Weekend Relays

Hamurger Lokal Radio via Shortwave Station Göhren, Germany with 1KW to Western Europe:
 6190 KHz     Every Saturday      07.00 to 11.00 UTC
 7265 KHz     Every Saturday      11.00 to 16.00 UTC    
 9485 KHz     Every Sunday        10.00 to 13.00 UTC     

NEXT WEEK Radio City via:
IRRS to Europe on 7290 KHz (every 3rd Friday) between 19.00 to 20.00 UTC
IRRS to Europe on 9510 KHz (every Saturday) between 09.00 to 10.00 UTC
Challenger Radio to Northern Italy on 1368 KHz every Saturdays from 20.00 UTC onwards
Radio Merkurs on 1485 KHz Every Saturday between 20.00 onwards
Contact email: citymorecars@yahoo.ca
A comment: IRRS has been noted on a Sunday on 9880 kHz instead of 9510 kHz, in order to avaoid co-channel
interference from a domestic Chinese station. This may perhaps also apply to Saturday transmissions.

European Music Radio Transmissions via;
WBCQ to Central & North America on 7490 KHz on 14th January between 22.00 to 23.00 UTC
KBC to Western Europe on 6045 KHz on 15th January between 09.00 to 10.00 UTC
Shortwave Station Göhren on 9485 KHz on 15th January between 09.00 to 10.00 UTC
Channel 292 on 6070 KHz on 15th January between 14.00 to 15.00 UTC
Contact email: emrshortwave@gmail.com

EMR Internet Repeats on 15th January 2017:
EMR will repeat this months Transmissions via two streams running at the following Times:16.00, 18.00, 20.00 UTC
http://nednl.net:8000/emr.m3u will be on 96 kbps /44 KHz stereo for normal listening
http://nednl.net:8000/emr24.m3u will be 24 kbps / 22 KHz mono will be especially for low bandwidth like mobile phones.
( at 17.00, 19.00 &  21.00 UTC are recordings from the 15th of January 1978 with AJ's  DX & Roger Tate's mail box )
KBC via:
Media Broadcast to America on 6145 KHz Every Sunday between 00.00 to 01.00Contact email: themightykbc@gmail.com 

Hobart Radio via:
Channel 292 to Western Europe on 6070 KHz Sundays between 21.00 to 21.30 UTC
WRMI to Americas, Asia/Pacific on 9955 KHz Sunday between 03.30 to 04.00 UTC
WRMI to Americas, Asia/Pacific on 9955 KHz Tuesday between 22.30 to 23.00 UTC
WBCQ to North America on 5130 KHz Mondays 03.30 to 04.00 UTC
Contact email: hriradio@gmail.com
For outside the listening area please try the Twente/Netherlands Web RX at http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/

You can also hear many European free and alternative stations via the Internet at: http://laut.fm/jukebox 


Radio Channel 292  Transmission schedules on 6070 KHz (on the air every day):


Radio Mi Amigo Transmission schedules:

Good Listening!


European Music Radio:

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Radio Joystick January 2017 Newsletter

RADIO joysticks Funky Newsletter | January 2017


1. The current Charlie Prince show: repeat 15

2. The current Charlie Prince show: music

3. Imprint

4. Newsletter
================== =============================
1.   The current Charlie Prince show: repetition on 15th 
On New Year Sunday shouted the SHORTWAVE aura of Charlie Prince show with three "typical" MP3 "Haklern".  

The show is therefore repeated as CBR with Bitrate 256 on January 15 at 12 pm German time!

Although guilt was the playback server in MOSS BRUNN and not the file - but better safe than sorry! 

 The transmission operation will cost a lot of money - you can support us via https://www.paypal.me/radiojoystick


For 25 years "Funky Sounds 4 Central Europe"!

Malta, media, music - and more! 
    2. The current Charlie Prince Show: Music

THREE of the time played performers are died in recent months:

George Michael is dedicated to the first panel of the current Charlie Prince show. 

A remix of the group Earth Wind and Fire is reminiscent of the deceased co-founder, Maurice White, who suffered from Parkinson's disease, so that the death was for him to salvation. 

But recently I found out that even "Max Fresh" - once a member of the group "Hidden Agenda" - died at the end of November. 

So this program is a sad event into a hopefully enjoyable new year! 

Anyway, we wish all listeners a peaceful and prosperous New Year 2017!
3. Impressum

Jens F. Hofstadt, Radio Joystick, Postfach 23 31, 55512 Bad Kreuznach

Fon: +49 671 3 2027 8967




4. Newsletter

This newsletter comes only at the written request.

It can immediately be canceled by answers with "unsubscribe".

'Thank you!' for reading and 'thank you!' for all the support! 

You can support us via https://www.paypal.me/radiojoystick

Enjoy our program!

Info Via Dr Tim's Newsletter

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Bogusman E-Qsl

Many Thanks For The Great E-Qsl

Sunday, January 8, 2017

1629-7.05 Unid Dutch Music.Weak Signal Sinpo 32322

6245-9.22 Radio Casanova Dutch Music Including Albert West. Id In English Sinpo 43333

6265-12.03 Bogusman Music And Chat Including The Enid, The Adverts And Frank Ferdinand Sinpo 44344

6205-12.20 Laser Hot Hits Live Program. PM Dawn, Sigma Feat Birdy And Galaxy Sinpo 44344. Parallel With 5800 Sinpo 44343

6335-12.30 Radio Blacklake Oldies And Dutch Music Including Status Quo Sinpo 33333

Saturday, January 7, 2017

16.27-6.47 Radio Barones(see comments) Chubby Checker, Shocking Blue And Amy McDonald Sinpo 43333

16.35-7.00 Radio Havanna Dutch Country/Folk Music Sinpo 44344

16.15-7.20 Zender Johan Polka Music. Weak Signal Sinpo 33322

5800-11.25 Laser Hot Hits Pop Music Including Sweet Tee"it's like that y'all". Some Deep Fading Sinpo 44333.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Sad Passing Away Of Chris Watson( Geronimo SW)

Tribute to Chris Watson of Radio Geronimo SW from his friend Shaun:

"I have just heard from Peter Verbruggen of FRS Holland that my long time friend and colleague at Geronimo Shortwave, Chris Watson, (real surname Regan) has passed away at home in France last Wednesday 28th December.

Chris was involved in shortwave free radio for over 30 years, operating Radio 48 in the 80s, and then Geronimo Shortwave from the 90s through to last year. He had a passion for shortwave and even though it became more difficult for him to broadcast via his own transmitter in more recent times due to his domestic circumstances, he kept Geronimo Shortwave going through various relay stations.

I worked alongside Chris since the 80s when I was operating Radio Apollo International on shortwave, often running both stations from the same woodland either in Staffordshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire or Wales.

He and his wife Pat became firm friends. The last time I met him was about 4 years ago on one of his occasional visits back to the UK when he helped me out with some shortwave aerial problems. I still continued recording shows for Geronimo until a couple of years ago when my work on the Prog Mill took over more of my radio time, but he was always supportive of that and my continued shortwave work with FRS Holland and was in touch as recently as October.

Chris was a true stalwart of shortwave free radio, with a genuine passion and enthusiasm which never dimmed. Shortwave will certainly be worse off for his absence.
Rest in Peace Chris. And may that big transmitter in the sky get a SINPO of all the 5's!"

(via Facebook)